Major rules for water hygiene in camper

The cleaning of the tank and preventive measures

In any wastewater and fresh water tank a serious contamination can occur. The following measures make the hygiene in the water tank safely: cleaning, disinfection, water conservation and descaling.

The solution tank should be cleaned in any event twice a year. To do this, solve a detergent in water and fill this one through the filler neck into the empty tank. A cleaning solution you can overnight in fresh water tank and then emptied. Even pressure cleaners are cleaning aids.

Next is the disinfection of the row. Proceed as the detergent and leave the chlorine-containing disinfectants for a few hours in the tank.

Through the use of preservatives to meet at the same time protective measures. They prevent the contamination of fresh water and help prevent a calcification.

In a further step, it sets out to de-scale tanks and pipes in the motorhome. Thus pests such as bacteria extracted from the soil and preserves the hygiene.

In addition to tank cleaning, the use of water filters that prevent and remove dirt which is recommended. Special water filters ensure the hygiene and freedom from pollutants of drinking and cooking water. Used filter cartridges, which usually contain activated carbon to remove organic chemicals such as nitrates.

In winter you should use antifreeze. This preserves the water system against bacterial involvement and frost damage. They also save you the trouble, to completely remove the water from the motorhome.