The criteria of the campervan is to be considered

  • The weight/power ratio (make sure to consider people to carry the luggage and also added holder bicycle accessories, solar panel etc…)
  • Body: aluminum, polyester or polyester molded. The polyester advantage which is two times lighter than aluminum.
  • Ensure that the water line and the reserves are heated and that waste water be frost (some vehicles offer a double floor and offer a much better insulation)
  • Battery life: importance of the water supply, electricity and gas.
  • Size and comfort of the beds (accessibility, storage space available).
  • Bathrooms: ease of use.
  • Habitability: imagine you live aboard, analyze internal circulation, the kitchen functionality, versatility places.
  • Easy access to the mechanisms and maintenance equipment.

Motorway tolls are about 30% more expensive than in a camper car since they are classified in category 2 (against category 1 for automobiles). A motorhome consumes more fuel than a car, it takes between 8 and 12 liters of fuel at a minimum. The price of the camper is a major spending item but do not overlook the prices of essentials. Among these can be included:

  • satellite antenna
  • the generator
  • GPS
  • a solar panel
  • a bicycle rack
  • a store